We are much more than just a preschool

Petal Academy prepares children with learning differences for kindergarten inclusion.  We specialize in teaching children with special needs ages 4 through 6.  Our small class ratios, 7 children with one teacher and one support specialist, promote individual attention and support for each child as they develop skills necessary for kindergarten success!   

We focus in the core areas of building friendships, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional development, and physical development as well as classroom readiness skills necessary for success in kindergarten. We utilize ABA strategies in the classroom to modify and support learning under the supervision of a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) to optimize children’s success. 

Building Every Child's Foundation

Supporting children's development is a lot like constructing a building. Learning begins with a firm foundation based on a trusting relationship between the child and one or more adults. Growth then progresses one step at a time. 

Petal Academy incorporates one of the top curriculums in the world - HighScope. The HighScope Curriculum advocates active learning and classrooms that are arranged with discrete, well-equipped interest areas. Each day, children engage in a consistent routine that consists of time for children to plan, carry out, and reflect on their own learning as well as time to engage in small and large group activities. Adults support children's active learning by organizing the environment and establishing a consistent daily routine; establishing a supportive social climate that encourages children to build friendships; intentional activities; problem solving; verbal reflections; and planning small and large group learning experiences. 


Kindergarten Preparation

Petal Academy focuses on the readiness skills that are needed for success in kindergarten.  We want children to feel comfortable and secure while they are in school. Petal Academy serves as a bridge between preschool, or therapeutic programs, to kindergarten. Proper preparation can help ease this challenging transition. 

Our Heart

Our Mission

To prepare children with learning differences for successful inclusion.

Our Vision

To be the foremost provider of education bridge programs for young children of varying abilities across the United States.

Our Values

Quality: We provide innovative research based services

Integrity: We are honest, genuine, and ethical

Passion: We are fully committed to the growth of our children