The Story About US

We are not traditional florists. We are artisans, designers and educators who are inspired by the outdoors, natural materials, elements and the textures that shift with the seasons.

We know how florals can bring joy to a space, a day or an event.

And our founder, Darlene Rupke wanted to share her joy of floral arrangements to every home.

Meet our founder Darlene Rupke.

She is obsessed about all things that grow. At the age of five, she cut all of the tulips in the garden and presented her Mom with a bouquet (she may have destroyed the garden, but she found her calling). She has since graduated from Humber Floral Design and trained in the Netherlands and New York.   

In the past 25 years, Darlene’s designs have been featured in industry magazines, nationwide competitions and found their way into the adoring gazes of prominent political figures and celebrities.