A Glimpse of Inspiration…

A Glimpse of Inspiration…

Inspiration comes to me in all shapes and forms…One of my favourite and earliest memory of Floral design inspiration comes from me exploring my Grandmother’s 200+ acre farm. I would venture out in the pastures, gathering vines and wildflowers to attempt creating arrangements and wreaths out of anything I deemed worthy.

This exploration of nature has always been part of who I am and also follows me on my travels. I often book my accommodations around local gardens I would love to explore- in the area’s I am visiting- to ensure I can squeeze a tour into my trip.

I unexpectedly stumbled across Merlin’s Hollow and to my surprise it’s location // Aurora Ontario, practically in our back yard! I happened upon the existence in an article I read in the Toronto Star which lead me to discover 2021 would be the last year they were hosting tours. I didn’t hesitate to book a visit.

Pictured below is the designer David Tomlinson and his Wife Dierdre // David began designing the garden for his wife in 1973 and in 1982 upon completion Dierdre proclaimed it was too beautiful not to share, so they’ve been hosting tours ever since


Here are some of my favourite moments at Merlin’s Hollow May 2021.


It was amazing to visit this exceptional garden through the pandemic, thank you for sharing this beautiful spot with us all, Diedre and David!