Creemore Lavender Farm...

Creemore Lavender Farm...

SO much to see & learn at Creemore's

Purple Hill Lavender Farm.

Ok folks I have to be honest - I've been a florist for over 30 years and this is the first time I've visited a lavender farm....crazy I know!!

What I learned? ....WHY did I wait so long!!

I've teamed up with Rogers Barrie Television on a new partnership show "Blooming through Simcoe County"

Airing Sept 18th 2022

In our show I basically travel around Simcoe County and showcase awesome local flower farms, learn about their operation, background, & share information about the blooms they grow, products they produce as well as share awesome floral design tips.

Our  first stop, - Purple Hill Lavender Farm in Creemore

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Emma and Jessica two sisters // and women entrepreneurs who have transformed their family farm into this spectacular lavender paradise.

The farm operates from June - September and offers field exploration, culinary experiences, private events, and a fabulous gift shop. Be sure to check their website for all the info and directions

It is also a photographers Haven!  A gorgeous background for photoshoots and nature lovers paradise.

There are apx 50 acres to this parcel of land and 3 main lavender fields with various varieties of lavender.  I have to tell you I learned so much form this experience.  First off there is culinary Lavender which is any English variety and Fragrant lavender which is the French varieties.  

The French variety is predominantly used for all the beauty, bath and fragrant oils that we so love. 

- the English can be used for all edible products, Herbs, teas and Guess what Beer.

That's right lavender Hill has partnered with the famous Creemore Springs Brewery to provide you with a very special lavender beer. So unique.  The Girls gave me a sample and it was fantastic.  

Both varieties can be dried beautifully 

Be sure to check out our show on Rogers Cable to see all the tips and tricks they shared about growing lavender. And check out the sweet arrangement we created on site!

For now I'll leave you with a shot of  one of their Culinary events hosted through the season...doesn't this just look dreamy!

Thanks Jessica and Emma for the fabulous day!  

Till next time live life in Full bloom!